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Corporate Social Responsibility

For Bank Mega, to be valuable is to be adequate in achieving long-term sustainability as well as to give concrete contribution to the national development by supporting the establishment of prosperous and fair society.

Based on this vision, the Company is committed to fulfill its social responsibility towards the community, customers and the environment. To comply with regulations as stipulated in Acts No. 40 Year 2007 about Limited Liability Company, Bank Mega exerts its best efforts to show appreciation toward contribution and support from the community for the Company’s growth.

Philosophically, the Bank held its CSR programs not in order to return part of its profit to the community. In particular, these programs are aimed to build a harmonious bond with the surroundings, both with the community and environment, while delivering added value to all parties sustainably. Bank Mega has organized several activities in 2014 which were categorized into a number of programs: Mega Cares Banking, Education Program of “Ayo ke Bank” as well as Mega to Share. The overall CSR programs costs approximately Rp1,200,000,000 (one billion and two hundred Rupiah).

Mega Cares

The rapid development and growth of Bank Mega cannot be separated from participation, public trust and supports of all related parties toward the Bank business. For that reason, it is only natural that part of the Bank’s profit is returned to the community through social assistance in social activity called Mega Cares.

The objective of this annual program is to develop the engagement and commitment of all Management and employees of Bank Mega toward social responsibility and community development, particularly for the underprivileged such as orphans (orphanages), elderly parents (elderly homes), homeless, the disabled, disaster victims, and others. The assistance was provided for the community in the vicinity of the Bank, its Branch Offices/ Sub-Branch Offices/Cash Outlets throughout Indonesia. In this occasion, Bank Mega also distributed basic needs to improve the life quality of the surrounding community. The employees are actively involved in this activity to foster social responsibility and engagement toward the community misfortunes. The assistance is provided through Branch Offices/Sub-Branch Offices/Cash outlets throughout Indonesia.

Banking Education "Ayo ke Bank"

Consistently, Bank Mega also actively participated in promoting banking education program of “Ayo ke Bank” which is particularly aimed at the improvement of public knowledge in banking industry. The program established by Bank Indonesia is a manifestation of the sixth pillar Indonesia Banking Architecture which defines that banks are responsible to educate the public on the basics of banking.

Throughout 2014, Bank Mega has implemented several activities related to the banking education program of “Ayo ke Bank”. Among them is in SD HighScope, Kelapa Gading, Jakarta about introduction of Non Cash payment, SDN Sukamana, Citere and SDN Sidamukti, Pangalengan, West Java.

Mega To Share

Mega Berbagi is a saving account product tailored especially for customers who wished to regularly participate in social activity by donating 1 – 3% from the saving principal interests given by Bank Mega to the customers.

As its name suggests, the product is designed to demonstrate social awareness of Bank Mega as well as accommodating the customers’ social concerns.

To indicate the same care, Bank Mega also donated 1% of the daily balance of customer’s Mega Berbagi savings account. With Mega Berbagi savings, the customers will be facilitated in channeling its extra funds individually or in group to education assistance.

The fund gathered through this program will be channeled through charity activities, such as scholarships, renovation or building education and facilities.

Since its introduction in July 2008, Mega Berbagi Savings has succeeded in raising significant funds. Collaborating with CT Foundation, Bank Mega has built SDN Sidamukti and SDN Sukamanah in Pengalengan, and SDN Cigalontang-1 in Tasikmalaya, West Java. These schools were severely damaged due to the earthquakes.

On the basis of social responsibility, follow-up on the mandate of Mega Berbagi Savings customers, and as the contribution to general education, Bank Mega sustainably support the facilities and infrastructure rebuilding of the badly damaged elementary school buildings throughout Indonesia and renovate other schools in Indonesia in need.

Other Activities

In addition to the aforementioned activities, Bank Mega is also actively involved in social activities related to the occurrence of both local and national natural disasters. Such as distributing 2,000 gas stoves to flood victims in Manado, North Sulawesi, donating 450 pairs of sports shoes to the Media Amal Islami Foundation, and together with the FSA (Financial Services Authority) conducting the public education through Si Molek (Si Mobil Literasi Keuangan). Meanwhile, Bank Mega also took advantage of the school holidays by organizing Mass Circumcision for children from the underprivileged families.

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