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Mega Mobile


  • Banking transactions become more practical and easier
  • Online transfer to another bank that is connected to the network and ATM Prima Together
  • Especially for smartphones* available in the application menu which is equipped with facilities for storing the transfer list(s), payment(s) list or telephone credit recharge payments list
  • Available in two connection types: SMS and GPRS

* Currently for the Blackberry and Android smartphones only


  • Having a savings / current account individual
  • Having a Mega Pass card or Mega First
  • Having a cellular Card (Telkomsel/Indosat/XL)

Registration and Activation Services

  • Register in Mega ATM. Automatically you can access both of non financial and financial transaction
  • Phone number should been registered on Bank system. Customer can register phone number in any branch of Bank Mega
  • Register in Mega ATM
  • Activation for financial transactions through the branches of Bank Mega


  • Information Balance and Account Transfer
  • Transfers between accounts of Bank Mega
  • Online Bank Transfer (Prima network and ATM Bersama)
  • Telephone credit reload, Mega Cash, Mega Virtual, PLN Prepaid
  • Payment Phone / Mobile, Electricity, Water / PAM, Mega Credit Card
  • Other Services: Information Exchange Rates, Email Registration

Proof of Transactions
in the form of SMS that will go into the SMS inbox on the phone and also sent via email


  • Password Application for Mega Mobile application
  • Challenge dynamic PIN to authorize financial transactions

Transaction Costs

  • The cost of SMS may vary depend on cellular operator
  • Admin fee for online transfer to different bank (Rp 6.500), PAM (Rp 2.500), Telkom (Rp 2.500), Transvision/Telkomvision (Rp 2.500), Speedy (Rp 2.500), Telkomsel Prepaid (Rp1.500) & other bank credit card (Rp 5.000)
  • Guidance

    Mega Internet


    • Simply a single transaction,then you can do a repetitive routine transactions in a given period.
    • You can pay a variety of bills at the same time in one transaction.


    • Individual Customer only.
    • Have Mega Pass or Mega First card
    • Have a Savings or Current Account with an active account status
    • Having a SIM card (Telkomsel / XL / AXIS / Indosat) to receive SMS Mega One Time Password (OTP).
    • Terms and Conditions, Click Here


    • Balance and Account Transfer Infomation.
    • Transfers between account of Bank Mega.
    • ONLINE Bank Transfer trough Prima Network and ATM Bersama.
    • Transfer between bank using SKN and RTGS.
    • Refill: Phone credit, Electrical / PLN Prepaid and Mega Cash.
    • Bill payment: Electricity / PLN, Water / PAM, Credit Card, Phone / Mobile, Pay TV, Tickets & the Internet.
    • Opening a Time Deposit Account.
    • Features, Limit and Transaction costs, Click Here


    • Encryption Security Socket Line (SSL) 128 bit Verisign certification.
    • Equipped with a dynamic PIN to authorize each transaction.

    Registration and Activation Services

    • registration in  Mega ATM.
    • Online RegistrationClick Here
    • Activation Mega One Time Password (OTP) for Financial Transactions.
    • MegaInternet Manual Services,Click Here
    • MegaInternet Services FAQ, Click Here

    Transaction Costs

    Charged for each Mega OTP SMS sent, the cost of SMS may vary depend on cellular operator.

    Mega ATM
    You can enjoy easiness and hassle free transactions at Mega ATM such as:
    • Balance inquiry.
    • Mega Pass PIN change.
    • E-Banking registration.
    • Cash Withdrawal.
    • Bank Mega inter account transfer.
    • Transfer to Bank Mega Syariah.
    • Transfer to ATM Prima and ATM Bersama member bank.
    • PLN prepaid voucher purchase and cellular phone top up (Simpati, XL, Mentari, Telkom Flexy, IM3, Esia, Smartfren) using your Mega Pass.
    • Payment of Bank Mega and other bank credit card, PLN electricity, internet (Speedy), cable TV (Indovision, Top TV, Yes TV, Transvision), tickets (Garuda, Lion Air, train), PAM (Aetra, Palyja, PAM Surabaya), fixed phone and cellular phone (Kartu Halo, Matrix, Xplor, Esia, Smartfren postpaid, Telkom) using your Mega Pass.
    • Mega Cash transactions such as balance balance inquiry, top-up, cash withdrawal, balance transfer.

    For more information, please contact our Customer Service at nearest branches, or call MegaCall at 1500010 or 60010 via handphone.

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    Mega Pass
    You can get Mega Pass card with easy step account opening: Mega Dana, Mega Maxi, Mega Ultima, Mega Berbagi , Mega Perdana, Mega Pro dan Mega Optima Pro.

    With this card you can :

    • Perform banking transactions via Mega ATM, Prima ATM, ATM Bersama, Mega Syariah ATM, Visa Plus ATM and MEPS ATM network.
    • Earn benefit from Mega Internet and Mega Mobile facility.
    • Puchase of cellular phone voucher and PLN voucher at Mega ATM network.
    • Bank Mega and other bank credit card payment, fixed telephone payment or cellular phone, PLN, PAM, tickets, cable TV and Internet at Mega ATM network.
    • Goods / service payment at merchants/shops with Visa logo all over the world.
    • Online payment at Verified by Visa website if you have registered Mega Mobile for financial transaction.


    • Monthly ATM/Debit Card Fee
      1. Charging monthly ATM/Debit card fee will be applied as of January 15th 2017 worth of 5000 IDR/month.
      2. Monthly ATM/Debit card fee is applied for these products below:
        • Mega Dana
        • Mega Maxi
        • Mega Perdana
        • Mega Ultima
        • Mega Berbagi
        • Mega Payroll
        • Giro
      3. Monthly ATM/Debit card fee will be imposed into customer’s account each month, on the date of 15.

    *Terms and Conditions applied.

    For more information, please contact our Customer Service at the nearest branches, or call MegaCall at 1500010 or 60010 via handphone.

    Mega Cash
    Mega Cash is a form of electronic money card issued by Bank Mega. The card has a chip for storing and securing value for money stored on the card.

    Mega Cash can be used as a payment instrument in many merchants like Wendy’s, Baskin Robin, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Trans Studio, including in the transport sector such as toll roads in several cities.

    To fill the Mega Cash card, customers can top-up at ATM of Bank Mega, Internet Banking and Mobile Banking. Mega Bank also provides charging counters in some other places.
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