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What is M-Smile?

M-Smile is a combined application between Mega Mobile and Mega Credit Card Mobile. This application can access savings product, credit card, electronic money and various promo information in one hand.

Why must M-Smile?

Because M-Smile is an application with:
  1. Easy and Safety Access
    View features without Login and access login with biometrics using fingerprints or face ID.
  2. QR Transaction Using QRIS and Cardless Withdrawal
    Do a QR transactions everywhere that use QRIS logo.
  3. Purchase, Payment, Top Up
    Purchase voucher, pay bill and top up electronic money.
  4. Saving and Credit Card Services
    Various services for the convenience of Savings and Credit Card owner.
  5. Voice Command
    Transaction become easier and faster using Voice Command.
  6. Account Information
    Saving Account, Current Account, Loan, Time Deposit, Credit Card, M-Money, Saving Transaction Inquiry, Credit Card Transaction Inquiry, Statement & Billing Statement up to 12 months.
  7. Transfer
    Complete transfer feature such as transafer to other bank Realtime, transfer intra bank and Virtual Account Bank Mega.
  8. Promo Information
    Various Bank Mega promo information include Travel, Lifestyle, F&B, Gadget & Entertaiment and Daily Needs.
  9. M-Calendar, Foreign Exchange Rate, Transaction Inbox and Account Setting
    Access Bank Mega Information, rate and transaction history that can be shared easily.
  10. Check Point
    Easy to check credit card and DoReMe point.



Account Information
Transfer (to Bank Mega, other Banks, and Virtual Account)
Purchase (Voucher, Data Package and PLN)
QRIS Transaction
Top Up (Gopay, Ovo and M-Money)
Cardless Withdrawal
Apply M-Money.
Saving and Credit Card Services
Information (ATM, Branch and Promo Location)

How to get M-Smile

  1. Open Google Play or Play Store.
  2. Search M-Smile.
  3. Download M-Smile application.



Mega Mobile

Mega Mobile is an electronic banking service provided for Customers to gain access to their accounts and to carry out non-cash banking transactions by sending instructions using only cellphones/mobile phones.


  • Banking transactions become more practical and easier anytime and anywhere with access for 24 hours.
  • Online transfer to other banks that are members of Prima and ATM Bersama network.
  • Especially for smartphones (Android and Iphone), available in the form of application that is equipped with facility for storing transfer list, payment list or telephone credit recharge payment list.
  • Available in three types of connection : SMS, Data, and USSD.
  • Proof of transactions that can be received via email, if customers use GPRS connection


  • Having an individual savings/ current account
  • Having a Mega Pass card or Mega First
  • Having a cellular Card (Telkomsel/Indosat Ooredoo/XL/Axis/Tri).

Registration and Services Activation

  • Register on Mega ATM. After registration, customers are already able to do non financial and financial transactions.
  • Phone number should be the one that has been registered on the bank’s system. If not yet registered, customers can register their phone number at the nearest branch of Bank Mega.
  • Download Mega Mobile from the application store.


  • Balance Inquiry and Transaction History.
  • Transfers between accounts of Bank Mega.
  • Online Bank Transfer (Prima and ATM Bersama network).
  • Top up of mobile phone credit, Mega Cash, and Prepaid PLN.
  • Payments of Telephone/Mobile Phone, Credit Card, Utility, Paid TV, Ticket, Internet, Virtual Account, Insurance, E-Wallet, E-Commerce, Personal Loan, and Other Loans.
  • Other Services: Exchange Rates Information, Email Registration, Switch Connection


  • Password for accessing Mega Mobile application.
  • Dynamic PIN Challenge to authorize financial transactions.


For further information, please contact Customer Service at the nearest branch office or MegaCall 1500010.

Mega Internet

Mega Internet is an electronic banking service that provided for Customers to access their accounts and conduct non-cash banking transactions through internet networks or media.


  • 24-hour access
    Banking transactions become more practical and easy anytime and anywhere.
  • One Time Transaction
    You can make routine transaction with certain period and at the same time pay various payments in one transaction process.


  • Have a savings or current account with an active account status.
  • Have Mega Pass or Mega First card.
  • Have a SIM card (Telkomsel / XL / AXIS / Indosat/Tri) to receive SMS Mega One Time Password (OTP).

Registration and Activation Services

  • Registration in Mega ATM.
  • Online activation through www.bankmega.com
  • Activation Mega One Time Password (OTP) for financial transactions.


  • Balance Inquiry, transaction Inquiry, 3 months transaction history, exchange rates and interest rates.
  • Transfers between account of Bank Mega.
  • Online bank transfer through prima network and ATM bersama.
  • Transfer between bank using SKN and RTGS.
  • Reload: phone credit, electrical / PLN prepaid and Mega Cash.
  • Bill payment: Electricity / PLN, Water / PAM, Credit Card, Phone / Mobile, Pay TV, Tickets & the Internet.
  • Opening a Time Deposit Account.


  • Encryption security socket line (SSL) 128 bit, verisign certification.
  • Using user ID and password to access services.
  • Equipped with a dynamic password (OTP) to authorize each transaction.


For further information, please contact Customer Service at the nearest branch office or MegaCall 1500010.

Mega ATM
is an electronic banking facility in the form of an Automatic Teller Machine which is provided for customers to conduct cash and non-cash banking transactions

The Benefits :

  • Provides cash withdrawal and a variety of bill payment or payment services
  • The service operates and can be accessed 24 hours

Term and Conditions :

  • Having individual saving and or checking account with active account status
  • Having Mega Pass Card or Mega First
  • Access to Mega ATM using PIN

Features :

  • Balance Inquiry
  • PIN Change
  • E-Banking Registration
  • Cash Withdrawal
  • Transfer overbooking ( Mega to Mega))
  • Transfer to Mega Syariah Bank
  • Transfer to other bank
  • Purchase (Telkomsel, XL/Axis, Indosat Ooredoo, Smarfren) and PLN Prepaid
  • Purchase Internet Data (Telkomsel, XL and Indosat Ooredoo)
  • Bill Payments : PLN (Taglis and Non Taglis), PAM (Palyja, Aetra and PDAM Surabaya), Credit Card (Mega Credit Card, Citibank and other bank), Telephone (Telkom, Telkomsel, XL, Indosat Ooredoo and Smartfren), Cable TV and Internet (Transvision, MNC Vision and Internet Telkom/Speedy), Tickets (Kereta Api, Garuda Indonesia, Lion Air and Sriwijaya Air), Loan (Citibank Personal Loan, Mega Cash Line / Mega Smartpay, Personal Loan / Ready Cash and BFI), Top Up Gopay, Top Up Ovo, Tokopedia, Insurance (BPJS, Prudential and CAR), Virtual Account Payment, PBB and Pajak Daerah Lainnya DKI Jakarta.
  • Mega Cash Transactions ( Balance Inquiry & Top Up Mega Cash)
  • Credit Card Transactions (PIN Registration, Balance Inquiry, Cash Withdrawal and PIN Change)
  • Mega ATMs can accept Cash Withdrawal and Balance Inquiry transactions from Union Pay (CUP) cards and Cash Withdrawal transactions from MEPS cards.

Transaction Fee :

  • Transfer between bank Rp 6,500
  • PLN Postpaid Rp 3,500
  • PLN Prepaid Rp 3,500
  • PLN Non Taglis Rp 3,500
  • Aetra/Palyja Rp 3,500
  • PAM Surabaya Rp 2,500
  • Telkom Rp 2,500
  • Transvision Rp 2,500
  • Internet Telkom /Speedy Rp 2,500
  • Garuda Indonesia Rp 7,500
  • Credit Card Other Bank Rp 7,500 (except Citibank Credit Card are free of charge)
  • BPJS Rp 2,500
  • Top Up Gopay Rp 2,000
  • Telkomsel Prepaid and Internet Data Rp 1,500
  • XL Prepaid Rp 1,500
  • Indosat Ooredoo Prepaid Rp 1,500
  • For more information, please contact our Customer Service at nearest branches, or call MegaCall at 1500010.

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Mega Pass
Mega Pass is a card (ATM or Debit) obtained as a facility when opening a savings account or an individual checking account.

Benefits :

  • It can be used to do banking transactions on all network of
    Mega ATM, ATM Pima, ATM Bersama, ATM Mega Syariah
    /Mega Net, ATM Visa Plus, and ATM MEPS.
  • It can do payments at all stores with Visa or Visa Electron logo.
  • It can get customers access to Mega Internet and Mega Mobile.
  • It can do online shopping on website with Verified by Visa logo
    (after registration on Mega Mobile).

Terms and Conditions
To get Mega Pass card, customers must open an account of Mega Dana,
Mega Maxi, Mega Ultima, Mega Berbagi, Mega Perdana, Mega Pro or
Mega Optima Pro.

To see terms & conditions Bank Mega ATM/debit card in PDF format
click here

It can be used on all network Mega ATM for :

  • Balance checking.
  • Withdrawal
  • Ubah PIN kartu Mega Pass.
  • Changing Mega Pass card PIN
  • Mega Mobile and Mega Internet registration
  • Overbooking and interbank transfer
    (Prima or ATM Bersama network)
  • Mobile credit, Prepaid PLN and Mega Cash top up
  • Electricity bill, Water/PAM, Credit Card, Telephone, Paid TV,
    Ticket & Internet payments

It can used on other ATM networks for :

  • Balance checking
  • Withdrawal
  • Transfer (only ATM Prima and ATM Bersama networks)


  • ATM/Debit card monthly fee
    1. We hereby inform that starting 9 March 2018, ATM/Debit card monthly fee is charged Rp. 7.500/month.
    2. ATM/Debit card monthly fee applies for products as follows :
      • Mega Dana
      • Mega Maxi
      • Mega Perdana
      • Mega Ultima
      • Mega Berbagi
      • Mega Payroll
      • Giro
    3. ATM/Debit card monthly fee will be charged on Customers’ accounts every month on the 15th.
  • Transaction fees on all ATM networks :
Transactions Networks
Mega Syariah/
Mega Net
Visa Plus
Visa / Visa
Balance Checking free Rp 4.500 Rp 4.500 free Rp 5.000 - - -
Withdrawal free Rp 7.500 Rp 7.500 free Rp 30.000 - Rp 17.500 Rp 20.000
Payments free* - - - - - - -
Overbooking free Rp 6.500 Rp 6.500 free - - - -
Interbank Transfer Rp 6.500 Rp 6.500 Rp 6.500 free - - - -
Decline (wrong PIN, insufficient balance, inactive card/account, overlimit) free Rp 3.500 Rp 3.500 free - - Rp 3.500 Rp 3.500
Shopping at Merchant free - - - - free - -
* except for payments of PLN (Rp. 3.000), Prepaid PLN (Rp. 2.500), PAM (Rp. 2.500), Telkom (Rp. 2.500), Transvision/Telkomvision (Rp. 2.500), Speedy (Rp. 2.500), Garuda (Rp. 2.000) & other bank’s credit cards (Rp. 5.000) **Valid until September 8th 2019
***Valid starting September 9th 2019

  • Damaged/lost card replacement fee Rp. 25.000

For further information, you can call our Customer Service at the Branch Office nearby, or MegaCall at 1500010.

Mega Cash

Mega Cash is a form of electronic money card issued by Bank Mega. The card has a chip for storing and securing value for money stored on the card.


Mega Cash can be used as a payment instrument in many merchants like Wendy’s, Baskin Robin, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, and Trans Studio.

To fill the Mega Cash card balance, customers can top-up at ATM of Bank Mega, Internet Banking and Mobile Banking. Mega Bank also provides top-up counters in some other places.

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