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Important Tips Mega Pass ATM Customer

  1. When Receiving ATM Card
    Saat Menerima
    • Immediately sign the card on the signature panel column
    • Make a note containing account numbers, card numbers and phone numbers of branches and MEGA Call. Keep this record in a safe place
    • Immediately do the initial PIN change. Furthermore get used to change your PIN periodically. Avoid making the formulation of a PIN that is predictable for example date of birth, or phone number
    • Remember PIN. Avoid writing your PIN in your wallet, purse, card or other media that is easy to read by others
    • It is advisable to register other e-banking facilities such as Internet Banking, Mobile Banking and MEGA Call, make it easier to monitor the accounts

  2. Being Customer
    Selama Menjadi Nasabah
    • Never inform PIN to others (PIN ATM, Phone Banking PIN, Password Internet & Mobile Banking), either orally, by telephone, SMS or other media Never give your card number to anyone other than to the Bank MEGA Make sure the card is always in safe place
    • Cards should not be bent or scratched
    • if the card is lost or stolen, requestto block the card by contacting MEGA Call immidiately at 021 - 7917.5555
    • Payment for PLN and Telkom bill should be done early, due to payment due date, usually there will be a very high transaction load on the system PLN and Telkom, which decrease transaction success rate.

  3. On Transaction
    Selama Menjadi Nasabah
    • Cancel the transaction and immediately report to the bank, if it finds suspicious signs at the ATM, such as foreign objects / unusual cables
    • Upon queuing at the ATM make sure other people can not see the PIN and card number
    • To avoid payment errors, hence before making a final confirmation , please check telephone number data, customer ID PLN, booking code, or credit card numbers carefully (via screen confirmation) that have been previously inserted
    • Immediately take the money and cards, because if it left too long the machine will withdrawn the cash or the card
    • Check the transaction receipt before leaving the ATM. Keep the transaction receipt
    • avoid counting money in the public place
    • If the machine swallows your card, immediately contact our branch officer. If the branch officers is not available please contact MEGA Call 021-7917.5555 and request to block the card
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