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Mega Trade Finance - Guarantee


  • Bank Garansi
    Written pledge from Bank Mega to the employer ( oblige / beneficiary ) for a certain period of time, a certain amount and specific uses where   Bank Mega   will pay liabilities of Debtor ( principal / applicant ) if such person fails to meet the obligations of (default) .
    Types of Bank Guarantee can be issued is:
    • Bid/Tender Bond
    • Advance Payment Bond
    • Performance Bond
    • Maintenance Bond
    • Custom Bond
    • Counter Guarantee
  • Standby Letter of Credit
    Payment guarantee from Bank Megato the Beneficiary (Beneficiary)   on the request / instruction of the Secured Parties (the Customer) and will only be disbursed or paid if the applicant (the Customer) can not fulfill its obligations (tort) and subject to the provisions of Uniform Custom and Practice for Documentary Credit (UCPDC) or International Standby Practice 98 (ISP 98).
Mega Trade Finance - Export


  • LC Export Advising
    An information service and delivery of export LC issued by the counterparty bank (issuing bank) to the Beneficiary / Recipient LC.
  • Transfer L/C
    Bank Mega serve transfer the L / C received by the exporter / beneficiary to do transfer to the second beneficiary
  • Pre Export Financing
    Working capital financing facilities provided to exporters and suppliers to finance the preparation of delivery of the goods in order to export or local trade (pre-shipment) : 
    • Based on the working capital requirements for the business cycle (trade cycle)
    •  Transactional, based on underlying transactions is Incoming L / C or Sales Contract / Purchase Order (with account of L / C it follows).
  • Negotiation of Export Notes
    Facilities post-shipment working capital financing, given to exporters and suppliers in the form of a takeover or purchase money orders / bills on the basis of Irrevocable L / C (sight or usance) and SKBDN (of the bearer and futures).
  • Forfaiting
    Takeover or purchase money orders / bills discounted futures (interest deducted upfront) without recourse (without recourse) on the L / C Usance or SKBDN Futures that have been accepted unconditionally (unconditional acceptance) by Accepting Bank (which usually is the Issuing Bank).
  • Export Bills Collection Services
    Merupakan jasa layanan penagihan dokumen perdagangan oleh Bank Mega atas barang yang telah dikirimkan oleh seller/eksportir kepada buyer/importer.
    • Collection Documents Under L/C
    • Collection Documents Non L/C
      • Documents against Payment (D/P)
      • Documents against Acceptance (D/A)
  • Export Tax Payments (PEB)
Mega Trade Finance - Import


  • LC Issuance
    Bank Mega serving publishing various types of L / C and SKBDN to counterparty business abroad and within the country with the support of a unified communications system and our correspondent bank network that spread worldwide.
    Type of Letter of Credit and SKBDN issued by Bank Mega:
    • sight
    • usance
  • Trust Receipt
    Capital credit facilities granted to the debtor for payment or settlement of liabilities L / C sight or SKBDN bearer issued through Bank Mega with funding from Bank Mega
  • LC Refinancing
    Capital credit facilities granted to the debtor for payment or settlement of L / C Sight or SKBDN Top Performance issued by Bank Mega with funding from the Correspondent Bank.
  • Inward Documentray Collection (D/P dan D/A)
    A reception services for trade documents for goods shipped by sellers / exporters that will be charged to the customer importers through Bank Mega.
  • Back To Back L/C
    Facilities issuance of L / C new (baby L / C) on the basis of L / C received from your counterparty business (master L / C)
  • Shipping Guarantee
    Issuance of guarantees to the shipping company in order to deliver the goods to the importer before the Original B / L received.
  • Import Tax Payments (PIB)
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